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What They are Saying - Reviews:

A Promise of Remembrance:  By enmeshing his own family recollections with historical fact and rich fictional characterizations and settings, Harry Karapalides has constructed a deeply moving account of war and loss contrasted with loyalty, respect, and abiding love.

A Promise of Remembrance:  "This is a great book. I thought it was beautifully written and historically accurate, I could not put it down." 

A Promise of Remembrance:  "Another good read - love that part of Greece."  Peter Zegras.

* * *

A Christmas War:  This is one of those stories that tug at your heartstrings and beliefs with a twinge or two of the supernatural. This was a good book that holds your attention in a variety of ways, I look forward to more by Karapalides!

A Christmas War:  "Fabulous story for the holiday season. This is an amazing story about faith and redemption in a small village during Christmas 1944. I loved the writing style - there were times I swear I could actually feel the cold! Excellent book." Ellen Bradley (5 out of 5 stars)

* * *

Dates of the American Revolution:  "It's refreshing that a research text includes dates other than the significant ones taught in classes. This book is a "must have" for college book stores and high school history classes. The author provides a short history lesson with each date and presents the data in a user friendly manner for high school age and above." Anonymous. 

Dates of the American Revolution: " an outstanding book...If you are a serious student of U.S. history, this book should be on your personal shelf in your library. Highly recommended reading." Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

* * *

Revolt: "A spy novel set in the American Revolution, with twists and turns which will leave you surprised and wondering again and again, as you also get a great history lesson. Adventure, war, courage, patriotism, treason, and even a love story; as you witness the development of the mind and soul of the main character through the story, a great read!" Margaret Rose Silver-Fairchild.

* * *

The Siege:  A Greek Tragedy: "A gripping story, based in real history, of an American (from Pennsylvania, of course) who joined the Greek freedom fighters in Missolonghi to fight the Turks, who had controlled Greece for 400 years. It was time to declare independence! So, they did, in 1825. This is history, brought to life by a colorful cast of characters." Margaret Rose Silver-Fairchild. 

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