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Karapalides.COVER.Go Tell The Mocha.KIND

Homer is a simple guy who has coffee every morning at his favorite spot; Five Points Cafe. Unbeknownst to him, his world is about to be shattered and everything he thought he knew about it was about to change. From escalators that travel through space to a classic car that is more than it seems, Homer learns that the universe is a strange place - especially its love for Classic Rock!

Go Tell The Mocha Man is a story that takes you from one world to another, with twists and turns as you turn the pages of this science fiction adventure that is truly out of this world. It’s aliens meet rock and roll!

Karapalides.COVER.Go Tell the Mocha Man.

The Siege: A Greek Tragedy

ISBN-10 : 1976931819 Cosmos Philly Publishing

Missolonghi. I’m sure you are having difficulty pronouncing the name of this small town, let alone ever having heard of this place, located in the western part of Greece, and to the rest of the world, no one had any idea that this little place on earth even existed… until 1825. A few years earlier, the Greeks declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire and the Greeks, together with others from the free countries of the world, came to Missolonghi to fight the Turk. Some fought to protect their families and community, others to defend their Greek Orthodox faith, but all, to fight for a free Greece. They were willing to die for all that.

The Family Tree

ASIN: B071474FBZ Cosmos Philly Publishing

Some families can trace their roots back a few decades, and others as far back as medieval England. Some families are descendant of the maharajas of old India, and others are descendants of simple, poor farmers in Africa or Asia. David Alpheus’ family is different. He can trace his family back further, much further than anyone else and he’s about to reveal to his great-grandson, Edward, just how far the family can be traced, beyond Edward's imagination. 

Life In the Key of Greek: Stories From the Greek-Stake


Everyone is familiar with the Greek towns in Astoria, Detroit, Chicago, or Danforth Street in Toronto, but Philadelphia and the surrounding area, especially Upper Darby, otherwise known as "Mikri Ellada," is also rich with history, not only of America’s founding, but of the Greeks and their American experience – some good, some bad, but uniquely us. Where else could you get a Philly cheesesteak with a side of spanakopita and hear someone yell out, “Yo” and “Yia’sou,” at the same time! 

The Hayride

ISBN-10: 1976931819

There are gates around the world that lead to Hell, even one close by. Every generation, from the ancient times to the modern eras have believed in them, and one must remember, whatever can enter these entry ways into the infernal regions below, can also come back out. Two couples, John and Holly Billings, and Josh and Jessica McKenzie, search for the ultimate haunted hayride and find one at Milford Grove Farms in picturesque Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It's one of the best in the country, but sometimes too much of a good time is not always good, and when you think its ended and time to leave, that's when the real ride begins.

A Christmas War

ASIN: B01MQMPOYN Cosmos Philly Publishing 

It's 1944 and World War II is raging through Europe. Lieutenant Bradford Reimer, forced to leave his wife and ill daughter in Pennsylvania, finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of his men in the Battle of the Bulge. As they escape certain death, they end up in the Belgian Village of Ciel, where they meet a kindly old man named Nikolaas. The war seems not to have touched this village, but Reimer and his men soon learn that there is more to the old man and the village that meets the eye, and each of them begin to learn something about who they truly are, including Reimer, who learns that his lost faith is not lost forever, but he merely needs to be shown the way through the fog of war and his rage.


A Promise of Remembrance

ASIN: B0093TFPZ4 Cosmos Philly Publishing

What would you do if your friends were about to be taken away by the authorities and summarily executed? What would you do if your neighbor, who you knew all of your life, killed your brother because of ideology? What would you do if war came to your home seeking to destroy your family and obliterate your very existence? One family must seek the answers to these questions in the World War II era based fiction, A Promise of Remembrance, set in the ancient land of Homer – Greece.


ISBN-1-4010-2569-2 Xlibris Publishing Company

It’s April 19, 1775, and young Benjamin Morris is at the crossroads of his life. His privileged life will soon be turned upside down with the first shots fired at Lexington and Concord and the start of the American War of Independence. All must choose sides. Does he stay loyal to his Tory family and the King of England, or throw his lot in with the patriots? From that spring day Benjamin will become a soldier, fighting for freedom for his country. But the tides of war soon turn and he finds himself a spy, with a death sentence over his head. Someone set him up and now Washington’s men are chasing him through the New England countryside to Philadelphia where the Continental Congress is meeting. He knows that those chasing him not only want him dead, they are on a separate mission; to assassinate one of the patriot’s most influential men. Will Benjamin get to Philadelphia first and warn the patriot leaders? If not, then the history of America will be changed for ever!

Dates of the American Revolution

Who, What, and Where in the War for Independence

ISBN-10: 157249106X    ISBN-13: 978-1572491069 Burd Street Press

Burd Street Press


Designed as a quick reference for the researcher or the lover of history, this book is a chronological list of events relating to the American Revolution beginning with the accession of King George III, and ending with the death of George Washington.



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