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Some past articles, interviews, and other items with Harry:

awards Harry Karapalides
2021 "New Best Author" Award
"A Christmas War"

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NEW Author Interview

Harry Karapalides Inducted Into PGBL Hall of Fame

The Philadelphia Greek Basketball League inducted Harry Karapalides into the Hall of Fame, Class of 2017, for his support and work for the PGBL. The PGBL is a premier men's basketball league that is fast becoming nationally recognized. They have just released a documentary, "We Love Thursday Nights," chronicling the first 10 years of the league.

Interview with CosmosPhilly.Com


December 14, 2012. Upper Darby, Pa. Author, Harry Karapalides, talked with Cosmos Philly about his third book, “A Promise of Remembrance”. This novel is based loosely on the true events and life of his father, Jerry. This is the story of one Greek Orthodox families fight to save a Greek/Jewish family during WWII in Nazi occupied Greece; then their struggle thru the Greek Civil War against the communists, climaxing in the Battle of Amyndeon.




The Philly Greek Stake - Cosmos Philly


My name is Harry and many of you in the Delaware Valley (that’s the area around Philadelphia, for those of you who are not from around here) know me. I grew up in a typical Greek-American family in South Jersey (diner owners, of course), and later moved to Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, otherwise known as Mikri Ellada!


Everyone knows about the Greek towns in Astoria, Detroit, Chicago, or Danforth Street in Toronto, but Philadelphia and the surrounding area, especially Upper Darby, is rich with history of the Greeks and their American experience – some good, some bad, but uniquely us. Where else can you get a Philly cheesesteak with a side of spanakopita?

Visit and read about growing up Greek-American.


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